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This original hud was made by raysfire, currently maintained by CriticalFlaw. mystHUD is a custom game ui modification for Team Fortress 2, it combines a few elements from multiple other huds but using rayshud as its core.

I like rayshud, which is why I am NOT going to edit most of its contents. mystHUD are my edits of rayshud with changes such as edits to certain elements that I find very ‘off’, or can be improved to my liking.

My edit of rayshud was published because there are requests for it.


The biggest and most obvious difference in this edit is changing the main theme of the hud from cyan to white. I am not a big fan of rayshud’s cyan color. Another major change is making most hud elements white in color, rather than using the default TF2’s dull white color.

This gives the hud a cleaner look as compared to rayshud.


You can expect this hud to be updated pretty regularly. The updates will mostly be forked over from rayshud as soon as he updates it. Otherwise, I usually update the hud myself by referring to the updated hud files in an update.

I do not make huds and have limited knowledge on it, therefore you may find the hud not very well maintained.


  1. Download the latest release. This will download
  2. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom.
  3. Extract .zip file contents into the custom folder.
  4. Ensure that the final file structure should resembles the following.
    └── custom
     └── mystHUD
         ├── materials
         ├── resource
         ├── scripts
         ├── sound
         └── info.vdf
  5. Restart your game.


  1. Uninstall the hud by deleting the folder you installed from your tf/custom directory.
  2. Download the latest release and follow the installation instructions from above.
  3. Restart your game.


  1. Delete the folder you installed from your tf/custom directory
  2. Restart your game.